Our Mission

The Albany Humane Society is dedicated to the welfare of animals who cannot speak for themselves.
If we are to continue meeting the needs of hungry, sick and homeless animals, we will need your help.  We presently provide housing for the animals of Albany and Dougherty County.  We accept strays turned in by concerned citizens, as well as pets surrendered by their owners.

Our goals are:
Reduce pet overpopulation
Provide pet education
provide compassionate care for unwanted animals

Thank you for your support

Albany Humane Society provides:
Population control through our spay and neuter program and adoption fees
Humane education

If tomorrows animals are to be treated with more respect than todays, we must teach children about animals.  We hope to educate hundreds of children this year.

How will your donations save the animals?

Free roaming and reproducing animals contribute to the problem. There are two solutions that we are working on: educate people and spay/neuter animals.

The Albany Humane Society views the 4000-5000 animals we receive this year as a concern for the entire community.

Your donation will help the animals.

We’re their last hope.

Your donation can save a life today!

Membership Levels:
Supporting Member $20
Lifetime Member $250
Sponsor $1000
Corporate Sponsor $2500(Or more)

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